53% of monthly SVOD spend is over $20 in the US

817,000 unique programs

First of all, to attract the audience and above all keep it, streamers and broadcasters must offer an attractive offer: from the end of 2019 to the end of 2021, the number of unique programs increased by 18%, from 646,000 to 817,000. So in an average week, American audiences watch nearly 170 billion minutes of video content. This figure is up from just over 143 billion a year ago.

Service traffic jam

And even if we talk about “SVOD fatigue”, increased churn, accelerated “churn and return” phenomena, Nielsen’s study shows that Americans express an immense adoration for their streaming services. : Among SVOD consumers, only one in 20 respondents has negative feelings about their streaming experience.

Additionally, 93% of them say they plan to expand their paid streaming services or make no changes to their existing plans in the next year. But that doesn’t stop consumers from feeling overwhelmed by the growing number of platforms, which some estimate at over 200. In fact, 46% of viewers say it’s harder to find the content they want to watch. because there are too many services available.

$20 or more

The success of SVOD is reflected in the number of services to which households subscribe and which is reaching record levels: thus, 53% of monthly SVOD expenditure is over 20 dollars according to the study carried out by Nielsen. No wonder these same subscribers are 72% to report: “I like my experience as a user of video streaming services. »

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