6 cheeses sold in supermarkets recalled urgently, do you have them?

After Buitoni pizzas and Kinder chocolates, 6 cheeses distributed by supermarkets are the subject of a recall campaign for the risk of listeriosis in cheeses.

This time, it is six cheeses, all marketed by supermarkets suspected of containing the bacterium responsible for listeriosis.


danger cheeses

Although this foodborne infection is rare (only a few hundred cases are reported each year in France), it is particularly serious.

Indeed, about a quarter of patients with listeriosis die from it. The incubation period can be up to eight weeks.


In total, one brie, three coulommiers and two normanville are affected by this recall. All come from a Graindorge brand cheese dairy, belonging to the Lactalis group.

The Rappel Conso site has launched an alert, revealing the identification number of the recalled batches (250222LI9) and the brand or health stamp (FR 14.371.001 CE).

These raw milk cheeses have been distributed by several major retail chains such as Auchan, Leclerc, Casino, Carrefour, Intermarché, Cora, Système U and Franprix.

To deal with the risk, the government site recommends returning the products for reimbursement or destroying them. But above all, not to consume them.

People who have eaten these cheeses and who show symptoms such as fever, headache or body aches are advised to consult their doctor. Pregnant women and immunocompromised people are particularly advised to consult their doctor.

Kinder: before Easter, here is the list of chocolates recalled for suspected salmonella

Two weeks before Easter, several hundred tons of Kinder chocolate are recalled. A potential link to cases of salmonella involved.

Monday April 4, 2022, and only two weeks before Easter 2022, the Ferrero group recalled several hundred tons of chocolate in France. Various emblematic chocolate products of the brand are concerned by this recall of several batches manufactured in Belgium.

Kinder Surprise 20g (by one, by three, by four and by six) and 100g with expiry dates between the end of June 2022 and the end of October 2022.
Kinder Schoko-Bons with expiry dates between the end of April and the end of August 2022.
Kinder Mini Eggs with expiration dates between late April and late August.
Kinder Happy Moments, Kinder Mix 193g, Basket 150g, Plush 133g, Bucket 198g, with expiration dates up to the end of August 2022.


The reason for the recall? A potential link with reported cases of salmonellosis, as indicated by the health agency Public Health France in a press release.

It specifies that these recalls follow an epidemic of salmonellosis in several European countries. Recalls were also carried out in Belgium and the United Kingdom. In France, 31 cases of salmonellosis have already been detected. Eight of them had to be hospitalized.


None of our Kinder products on the French market have tested positive for salmonella, we have not received any complaints from consumers, says Ferrero France.

In case of possession, Ferrero France always advises not to consume the products listed and to contact its consumer assistance team (on 08 00 65 36 53 or on [email protected]).

Consumers are invited to take a photo of the packaging with the product references before throwing them away immediately. They are also advised to consult their doctor without delay in the event of symptoms (gastrointestinal disorders, fever, etc.).

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