a batch of raw ham recalled for suspected salmonella

Yanis Darras

After Buitoni pizzas or Kinder chocolates, the health authorities are now alerting to the potential salmonella contamination of a raw ham from Alsace, sold between March 30 and April 7, 2022. Consumers are invited to get rid of the affected products as soon as possible.

France is experiencing a new recall for risk of salmonella contamination. After the entire production of chocolates under the Kinder brand from the Arlon factory in Belgium and Buitoni pizzas, it is the turn of certain charcuterie products to be recalled.

This is indicated by the “Reminder Conso” site, which lists all alerts on products marketed in France. The recall concerns the Alsace smoked raw ham of the “Maurer Tempé” brand, marketed between March 30 and April 7, 2022 on the shelves of the Cooperative U of Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), Delas (Val-de- Marne), Colruyt Retail France (Jura) and Boucerie de la Source (Lorèze).

The authorities call on customers who have purchased these products not to consume them and to destroy them.

Pronounced symptoms

A hundred cases having contracted this bacterium have been identified in Europe, indicated the Belgian food safety agency (AFSCA) this Friday. Poisoning results in gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, vomiting) and the onset of headaches accompanied by fever. Symptoms that can be even more pronounced in young children, pregnant women and the elderly or immunocompromised.

Faced with potential questions from consumers, a toll-free number is available: 08 05 38 57 49.

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