a girl who suffered from severe food poisoning

A few days before suffering from these symptoms, the little girl had eaten a surprise Kinder. His mother made a call on Facebook.

In France, Public Health carried out investigations which made it possible to make the link between 15 patients with salmonellosis and the consumption of Kinder products manufactured in a factory in Belgium. Located in Arlon, this factory has been identified as the starting point for many cases of poisoning in Europe. A judicial inquiry has been opened.

Because across the Channel too, there are victims of Kinder chocolates. The Daily Mail reports the testimony of a mother whose three-year-old daughter suffered from severe food poisoning after eating a famous surprise egg from the brand. Charlotte Wingfield returned to the ordeal experienced by her daughter, Brooklyn-Mai. The child had had a fever of up to 39, she was so weak that she could not even stay awake: “It has been absolutely heartbreaking to see my usually feisty, adventurous and very active little girl being the complete opposite of everything she usually is.“.

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Intense fatigue

At first, the parents thought their daughter had a stomach worm. Indeed, they had themselves been victims very recently. Charlotte Wingfield decided to tell her story in a message posted on Facebook. She got worried when her daughter started sleeping”9 p.m. over the next 24 hours, then continued to fall asleep while doing things“. She assures that her daughter had never been sick at such a level, she had “looking dead behind her eyes“.

After a few days, she started to feel better and was able to start playing again. His mother appeals to prevent other children from suffering the same situation: “Anyone who has little ones who eat Kinder chocolate products, especially Surprise Eggs and have products with their best before date between July 11, 2022 and October 7, 2022, please throw them away!“.

In the UK, an investigation has been launched to identify a link between salmonella cases reported by several families and products made by Kinder’s parent company, Ferrero. “We are so sorry to hear about Brooklyn-Mai and our heartfelt thoughts are with her and her family at this time.“, assured a spokesperson for Ferrero.

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