A Holly’s Diner will open in Marzy in November

Burger specialist (on the plate or to take away), the franchise intends to revive the dinnerpopular American restaurant, 1950s-60s. The brand will open in the Carrefour Nevers-Marzy commercial area in November, next to the petrol station.

A restaurant opened in Bourges in 2015

In a retro atmosphere, tinged with red and blue, customers will be able to find around twenty recipes for burgers, poke bowls, milkshakes and even American craft beers. All brought by waitresses in period dress and waiters dressed in TO GIVE.

premium The Carrefour de Marzy hypermarket has opened its “blablabla checkout”, the one where you take the time to chat

The brand was established in Bourges in 2015. It currently has 18 restaurants in France.

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