A man has discovered a very strange egg in his chicken coop, find out quickly!

A twisted egg clearly exists, defying all conventional wisdom. Direction a chicken coop in Ain in France, just incredible.

In his chicken coop, he found an egg whose shape was anything but ordinary: curved. The man couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw him. My hens are of common breed, and I have a rooster, but this is the first time that I have seen an egg like that, he confides to Progress.

An egg consistent in weight and size in this chicken coop

In addition to this originality, the henhouse egg seems completely consistent: it weighs 22 grams, measures 60 millimeters and the shell is identical to any other egg.


As for the explanation of why, Jean-Paul Gallet does not know how it could have happened. I don’t feed my hens strange products, but it’s still strange, he admits.

He didn’t want to eat it and kept it wrapped in cotton in a matchbox so as not to risk breaking this strange specimen.

A fox killed by chickens in a Breton chicken coop

A young fox who had entered a chicken coop at nightfall with the intentions attributed to him, was found dead in the morning, the victim of his supposed prey, we learned on Tuesday from the man who discovered the crime scene in the morning.

The facts took place at the end of last week in the organic chicken coop of the Gros Chêne agricultural school in Pontivy (Morbihan).


Every morning, around 8:30 a.m., we visit the chicken coop to see if everything is fine. We check if the hens have enough water, if there is still food. And there, in a corner, we found this dead fox. The hens are very lively, there was a group effect, they attacked it with their beaks, explains Pascal Daniel, operations manager at Gros Chêne high school.

Trapped with the hens

According to Mr. Daniel, in this chicken coop where the hens are free all day and only return at night or to lay eggs, the fox probably entered the site at nightfall.

chicken coop

But, chased by the hens, he couldn’t get out because the hatches that open to the outside close automatically depending on the light. The animal, a young fox of six or seven months, was thus trapped by night and delivered to the vengeance of the birds.

It was a year or a year and a half ago that a fox had last visited the chicken coop at the agricultural school, and it hadn’t ended so well for the hens, according to Mr. Daniel.

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