A simulator to spend billionaire Elon Musk’s money

After Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. But what does that really mean? A user posted a simulator online to describe the extent of Elon Musk’s buying possibilities.

$150 billion. According to Forbes, Elon Musk ranks second in the ranking of the richest people in the world in 2021. And if he decides to stop everything and cash in all of his shares and assets, his fortune could reach the 217 billion. A sum so disproportionate that it is difficult to imagine it. Nino Trivelli, a young apprentice coder from Italy, wanted to give the figures a little more consistency. With the Spend Elon Musk’s fortune!it’s up to you to realize how difficult it would be for you to spend Elon’s immense fortune.

economic omnipotence with one click

With an interface worthy of websites from the 2000s, the user and his fictitious wallet must make choices in the middle of a large shopping list. First, you are offered to acquire the latest fashionable gadgets, or a game console, for 500 dollars. Then one thing leading to another, your desires go upmarket. Buy the fastest car in the world? No problem. Become the owner of a paradise island, a fast-food franchise or an NBA team? Let’s go. Buy the Mona Lisa? Why not. In the middle of this panel of megalomaniac desires, there are also a few perches to change the world, such as the possibility of buying the favors of a politician for a handful of millions, that of financing the education of thousands of students, or pay for meals for a family of four for 80 years. After your shopping, the site sends you a simple summary receipt, as if you were leaving an ordinary supermarket.

In this example, your five freshly purchased Mona Lisas only barely ate up the total amount of your fortune. © Spend Elon Musk’s fortune!

Designed as a code training project, the website was then shared by its creator on the Reddit social network in the “Internet is beautiful” space, a tab where users often share this kind of small minimalist web projects. Quite quickly, the project aroused the enthusiasm of thousands of users. All sought to establish absurd strategies to try to sell the entirety of the huge portfolio. The fastest technique was to buy the equivalent of 174 copies of the Mona Lisa valued at 869 million, or 723 mega yachts at 300 million. So many absurd ways to illustrate the extent of Elon Musk’s economic omnipotence.

Of course, the valuations used are not always reliable, because the creator says it himself, he did not take into account the taxes or the conditions of investment of the fortune of Elon Musk. For Nino Trivelli, his site simply has the ambition to associate concrete images, equivalences to understand the scope of such a fortune. On our side, by trying to acquire each item on the list in duplicate, we managed to spend only 7% of the billionaire’s fortune.

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