Acte II (formerly Au_Top): the secret rooftop in Paris for high-pitched Japanese cuisine

Acte II (formerly Au_Top) is this gourmet rooftop that hides in the heart of the capital with a surprising 360° view. In this restaurant of Jean Philippe de la Perle, we discover a panorama on the roofs of Paris while feasting on the dishes of Masahide Ikuta who reveals us a high perched Japanese gastronomy.

Want to go higher? here is the ideal Parisian spot to draw memories. Act II (formerly In the top) it’s that secret on the roof which is lived throughout the year and which reveals an unprecedented 360° panorama in the center of Paris. A surprising address which is accessed through what looks like a garage door. Yes, to find out what gourmet restaurant sign Jean Philippe Nikoghossianyou have to have an adventurous soul.

After crossing a whole course that looks like a treasure hunt, passing in particular behind a trash room to discover a hidden elevator, before walking along an astonishing hall of mirrors and magnums, this mysterious address is finally revealed to us.

Au_Top, the gourmet rooftop restaurantAu_Top, the gourmet rooftop restaurantAu_Top, the gourmet rooftop restaurantAu_Top, the gourmet rooftop restaurant

This address is already at the top of Paris and the view it offers will not inspire us with other adjectives. Who would have thought that in the center of the capital, such a well hidden place could reveal such a fascinating panorama? It almost feels like a garden suspended in height. At dusk, you can even admire the sky displaying shimmering colors before Paris does not turn into City of Lights. If in summer, you can take advantage of it to sunbathe, in winter, the roof closes: so this address is not only reserved for sunny days!

On the map side, he’s the boss masahide ikuta who is in charge. He then invites us to taste a japanese gastronomy above the rooftops of Paris. The menu offers us vmeat and fish grilled over a wood fire and recipes that highlight the flavors specific to the Country of the rising sun. What a change of scenery while enjoying this unique view above the roofs of paris.

This test was carried out as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, please let us know in the comments.

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