Aggression of Yvan Colonna: “A logic of state revenge”, according to his former lawyer Gilles Simeoni

This Thursday, March 3, Gilles Simeoni, president of the Executive Council of the Community of Corsica and former lawyer of Yvan Colonna, was invited on franceinfo, the day after the aggression of the Corsican independence activist. He denounced “a logic of state revenge”.

“The State has an overwhelming responsibility, first and foremost, in this affair and on several levels”, declared Thursday Gilles Simeoni, president of the executive council of the Corsican community and former lawyer for Yvan Colonna. franceinfo. This Wednesday, March 2, the Corsican independence activist was violently attacked by a fellow prisoner. This Thursday morning, he was still in a coma.

His condition is desperate

According to Gilles Simeoni, president of the executive council of Corsica, “the French state bears an overwhelming responsibility for what has just happened”. For him, it’s a “obviously premeditated assassination attempt“, as he said on Wednesday.

“For several years, the prison administration, the government at the highest level of the State, have known that there is a particular risk and despite its repeated information from me and from the lawyers, we deliberately left in direct contact with Yvan Colonna, an individual who was obviously extremely dangerous“, lamented Gilles Simeoni this Thursday, March 3 on Franceinfo. “We will have to understand how and why”, he added, wondering in particular about the fact “that nobody saw anything and heard nothing of this “long and particularly violent” aggression.

The circumstances of the attack are “more than trouble” for Gilles Simeoni. Yvan Colonna’s former lawyer argues: “Corsican detainees have been targeted by radical Islamist networks”, and claims to have seized in writing and orally, since 2016, all Prime Ministers and government interlocutors, because there was a particular risk with radical Islamists.”

Gabriel Attal questioned

Asked about these accusations of state failure, Gabriel Attal said on Thursday on franceinfo that “the French state provides protection to all detainees who are threatened”. He also made a point of recalling that a judicial inquiry has been opened and that an administrative inquiry has been initiated.

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