Beaten to death in Mauriac (Cantal): 25 and 12 years of criminal imprisonment required, tensions between the two defense lawyers

A chill runs through the courtroom. Kevin Guilhem stares at Maryline Cordier, his ex-lover, lowers his head, glances at his loved ones, in tears, lowers his head again. 25 years of criminal imprisonment have just been requested against him, the Advocate General believes that he struck blows that led to the death of Rémi Prestavoine, on September 4, 2019, without having wanted to kill him. For Maryline Cordier, 12 years of criminal imprisonment are required. For both, a security sentence of half is required.

Beaten to death in Mauriac: The ex-lovers tear each other apart at the bar of the Cantal Assize Court

Regarding the facts, the Advocate General takes a step aside: he takes the objective elements and in particular the images of Saint-Mary, which place the defendants on the scene a few minutes before the discovery of the victim, lying on the stairs leading at his apartment. On the versions of the two defendants, who have been responsible for each other since the first time in police custody, he dismissed out of hand: “They evolve each time they are presented with evidence. , he believes. But even taking their versions, where they minimize their responsibility, the guilt is acquired. »

Recognized violence

Kevin Guilhem recognized him, at the bar: he carried “four, five punches”, feeling threatened by the ex of his lover, described as drunk to the point of sleeping all afternoon. Maryline Cordier also admitted to having shot Rémi Prestavoine by the ankles on the stairs. Both recognize violence, and for Paolo Giambiasi, this violence led, together with the alcohol level, to the death of the 27-year-old young man – in defense, Mes Chautard and Machado obviously do not see it that way.

Beaten to death in Mauriac (Cantal): the rise in power of the accused until the fatal blows

The pain remains. Heavy for Kevin Guilhem, a repeat offender in violence, described as disregarding others, fleeing or striking depending on the context. Psychiatrist and psychologists are severe with him, do not see the accused evolve favorably, except having a very solid entourage. Since the facts, he was sentenced during his pre-trial detention for violence with a weapon, in prison. And the question:

“It will start again. Who will take Kevin Guilhem’s blade the next time he gets pissed off? […] I’m not telling you to put him in prison and throw away the key, you always have to believe in it, there is a light. But there are also objective elements. »

Maryline Cordier is less rooted in violence, but she slips over the period of the facts, in the summer of 2019, “hope, for her, is greater”. He regrets that she spoke too little about the victim. “She is afraid today, but she is afraid of criminal imprisonment. It is not Rémi Prestavoine who makes her cry. »

The accused… accuse each other

In defence, Mes Chautard and Machado take up the versions of their clients, which are largely opposed, which have two points in common: they place the defendants at the crime scene between 7:09 p.m. and 7:14 p.m., when they are filmed together by the camera of the Saint -Mary, and they blame the other defendant for the fatal blows.

For Me Machado, his client would have acted “in self-defense”, “paralyzed” in front of the violence of his lover, who would have struck Rémi Prestavoine on the ground. He assures her: it was her blows that would have killed the young man. The fact that several witnesses report that Kevin Guilhem boasted of having “burst” the young man is dismissed, “these are gossip…”

Beaten to death in Mauriac: the shoes of the accused at the heart of the hearing

Me Chautard, he supports the version of Maryline Cordier, also takes up the whole file and finds a hole in the schedule of the afternoon of Kévin Guilhem, a moment, between 5:45 p.m. and 6:50 p.m., where he says he is with his official girlfriend, in his trailer.

Incident at the hearing

He only needs this hole, where the accused has a fragile alibi, to place him on the crime scene before 7:09 p.m.: Kevin Guilhem would have hit Rémi Prestavoine alone, Maryline Cordier would have returned with him then, at 7:09 p.m. the damage, pulling him by the ankles in anger. Violence, yes, but “the public prosecutor does not bring the proof that descending the body from a landing led to the death of Rémi Prestavoine”, he estimates, citing the autopsy.

It is this famous hole in the agenda of the afternoon which will cause an incident at the end of the hearing, around 9 p.m.: pleading after Mr. Chautard, Mr. Machado very quickly closed this hypothesis, the hearings of the witnesses being, in this case, each more vague than the other… “Liar”, pointed out Me Chautard, trying to take the floor after his opponent, but being quickly rebuffed by the president of the assize court, anxious to respect the procedure. The jurors thus left in deliberation, the lawyers continuing to apostrophize in front of their clients. The verdict is expected overnight.

Pierre Chambaud

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