Bistro Hortus: from the garden to the plate!

Many restaurateurs and chefs put all the energy and imagination in the world into creating attractive and charming concepts for consumers and customers.

The Bistro Hortus is in this line of establishments offering locavore cuisine, so local that the roof of the restaurant is the vegetable and herb garden of its chef/co-owner Stéphane Roth. We are talking about vegetables on the roof of the restaurant, but also, and this is well expressed in the concept, about urban honey.

The chef’s vocation is to offer gourmets in Quebec, as well as tourists passing through, a cuisine that respects the environment, nature, local products, organic and, in the case of chef Roth, who really cares. at heart, lactofermentation.

He uses this ancestral technique of preservation which allows better digestion, but without removing the taste and flavor of the basic products. He even designed a series of small pots that customers buy on site in the pretty bistro, what a great idea! His chutneys, jams, jellies… are impeccable.

Nature in the pot, as they say. On the menu side, the chef and his team offer well-known and recognized dishes, he interprets them in such a way as to bring a little novelty to them and he ensures that the eye is as seduced as the palate.

In addition to the products he likes to produce and pot, the chef gets his supplies mostly from small local producers with whom he sometimes also collaborates, if only to complete his basket of vegetables, because of the small possible volume on the roof. Products from Charlevoix, Île d’Orléans, Les Éboulements…

For my part, I particularly liked the walleye tartare served with the delicate blackcurrant mustard from the Du Capitaine vinegar factory. The seasoning is perfect, the fish incredibly fresh, tender like a caress: I relish this simple preparation that goes straight to the point. I must also highlight the desserts that are worth mentioning, such as the crème brûlée with honey from our roof and white chocolate as well as the gluten-free and lactose-free chocolate cake. Don’t miss tasting the honey at the table, it’s fun and very good.

For your next visit to Quebec, if you want to eat nature, consider paying a visit to Bistro Hortus, which means “garden” in Latin.

Bistro Hortus

1190 St. John Street

Quebec G1R 1S6

Phone: (418) 692-5524

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