Britney Spears’ new lawyer takes legal action to remove her father from guardianship

He promised to launch “aggressive and rapid” steps. He seems to keep his word. Monday, July 26, Mathew Rosengart, new lawyer for Britney Spears, filed with the Los Angeles court a query claiming that the popstar’s father, Jamie Spears, no longer be his financial guardiansaid AFP, relayed in particular by Release. The news was discovered on the court’s website, where the petition was posted on Monday.

The goal is to appoint an independent accountantJason Rubin, to manage the 39-year-old star’s fortune.

Jamie Spears accused of squandering Britney’s fortune

In 2008, Jamie Spears had been appointed guardian of Britney Spears, for an unlimited period. A court decision taken in haste, while the young woman faced a serious descent into hellwidely documented in the media.

In his petition filed on Monday, Mathew Rosengart explains that “serious questions arise as to a potential misconduct by Mr. Spearsincluding conflicts of interest, abuse of guardianship, and obvious squandering of Britney Spears’ fortune“, quote the New York Times.

Indeed, the fortune of Britney Spears is estimated at only 60 million dollars. A very low sum considering his incredible career. In comparison, the fortunes of Beyoncé or Taylor Swift, two other important popstars, are estimated between 400 and 500 million dollars.

According to ForbesJamie Spears has received at least $ 5 million since the establishment of the guardianship, in addition to $ 2.4 million as the manager of the fortune of his daughter.

Resounding testimony of Britney Spears

Last June, the interpreter of Baby One More Time broke the silence for the first time. In a poignant testimony addressed in person to the Los Angeles court, Britney Spears denounced the absolute control of her father over her life, and accused him of ill-treatment. She even claimed that she is not allowed to remove her IUD to have new children. Charges that reignited the #FreeBritney movement. A survey of New Yorker also made other revelations to charge Jamie Spears, a figure much criticized by fans of Britney for a long time.

After this resounding testimony, the management company which co-managed the popstar’s fortune with Jamie Spears withdrew, leaving him once again as sole manager.

Next hearing on September 29

On Monday, Judge Brenda Penny set a new hearing for September 29, where she is expected to deliver her decision. At the end of June, it was this same judge who decided to maintain Jamie Spears in his role as financial co-guardian of his daughter. This first request was launched last year by the singer’s former court-appointed lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III, who resigned following suspicions about his reliability.

Mathew Rosengart has meanwhile been hired directly by Britney Spears, with the authorization of justice. If the Los Angeles court grants his request, the next step will be to ask for the end of the guardianship of the star for good.

For his part, Jamie Spears, 69, denies all the allegations against him. He asked the courts to launch an investigation to “verify the veracity of the allegations” of his daughter.

Britney Spears is supported in her efforts by her mother, Lynne Spears, and her personal tutor, Jodi Montgomery. While waiting for her father to no longer be her guardian, the singer has announced that she is putting her career on hold.

Influential Hollywood lawyer Mathew Rosengart has represented stars such as Sean Penn, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Steven Spielberg. Previously, he was a prosecutor.

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