What if food shortages were (also) good?

They were believed to have disappeared in the remains of confinement. And now the shortages are back on the shelves. Whether dictated by the war in Ukraine, avian flu, social movements or climate change, they have been piling up for several weeks with clockwork regularity. And are sometimes coupled with a formidable domino effect. It … Read more

Food waste skyrockets in Indonesia

“Food waste in Indonesia reaches 330 trillion rupees”title Compas on the front page of its edition of May 19, 2022. To illustrate this dizzying figure (more than 21 billion euros), the daily publishes in computer graphics a pyramid 514 meters high representing the annual food waste for the city of Jakarta alone. In comparison, the … Read more

he has already eaten 32,000 Big Macs, “I will probably eat them for the rest of my life”

Published on Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 1:10 p.m. Don Gorske celebrated the 50th anniversary of his very first “Big Mac”, eaten at a McDonald’s in Wisconsin, USA. The 68-year-old American, nicknamed “the Big Mac expert”, claims to have eaten more than 32,000 of these McDonald’s burgers in his life: ” I find them so … Read more

restaurant owner in jail

On the video widely relayed on social networks, this owner of the restaurant located near the Cascades d’Ouzoud appears serving a tagine “infested with worms” to customers, reports Al Ayaoum 24who says he was reported by customers for serving food he knew was “unfit for consumption or poisonous”. To read: The beautiful gesture of a … Read more

Summer terraces | The Press

New, improved or simply unmissable, there are many terraces to explore during the summer season on the Island of Montreal. Here are 10 that stand out. Posted at 11:00 a.m. Iris Gagnon Paradise The Press Poincare Chinatown The Poincaré terrace is probably the best-kept secret in town right now — but not for long! The … Read more

Saint-Clément: the return of a restaurant to the land of the wind with La Table d’Eole

After six years of closure, the communal inn of Saint-Clément has just reopened. Coming from the Var, the chef will put some sunshine on the plates in the land of the wind with La Table d’Eole. The view is sublime, the panorama prodigious. With 40 seats in the dining room and as many seats on … Read more