Chantrigné: For lack of a buyer, the workers’ restaurant closed its doors

Hervé and Monique Chesneau with two of their last employees. On March 31, they had to close the doors of the restaurant, after searching in vain for buyers for several years.

This time there it is: Chantrignéthe Chesneau Restaurant lowered the curtain. More noise in the kitchen. The good smell of stews, rillettes, tripe and other tasty dishes no longer spreads in the room.

No more customers leaning on the counter in front of a café, no one pushes the door open to buy the newspaper, waitresses no longer weave their way between the tables.

The restaurant has been closed since March 31, 2022. “The retirement age has come! launches, during his last service, Herve Chesneauthe ex-owner who had run the establishment for thirty-three years, with Monicahis wife and collaborator.

They have been looking for buyers for several years (Mayenne Courier of December 9, 2021), ready to “accompany them for a while”. The applications did not rush.

The last days before closing, the regulars responded present. They wanted to “come one last time before he leaves”, to share a hearty meal.

“The quantity, the quality and the friendliness, describes a customer, that once the meal is over, we prolong it. We are good here.”

A customer

Customers appreciate the homemade. “Every day, I came to get my meal that I took to my place of work,” says another. Businesses in the surrounding area ordered the meals that their employees consumed at their place of work on a daily basis.

At the end of the service, Hervé takes the time to come and chat with his customers.
At the end of the service, Hervé takes the time to come and chat with his customers. (©CDLM)

A butcher and caterer by training, Hervé has always worked with quarters of meat bought directly from the slaughterhouse to process them. Its buffets and charcuterie were renowned for being plentiful and of high quality. His homemade jams always accompanied the end of the meal.

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Every morning, he made 150 meals, to eat in or take away. “In the best years, I was having 2,000 meals a week,” he recalls. However, when they settled down, the beginnings were troubled. “The first day and the following days, we had made thirteen covers. We quickly went up to 40.”

A few years back, he still prepared meals for communions or weddings, or evenings in the surrounding rooms. Sometimes several on the same weekend! Hervé and Monique will now rest and enjoy their grandchildren.

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