Creation of Yooner Avocats, the firm dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship

Sylvie RegnaultJulie Roussel and Serge Rosenzweig, founding partners of Yooner Avocats, pool their best practice and concentrate their know-how in order to guide entrepreneurs on a daily basis in their ambition for innovation.

Entrepreneurship is a matter of growth and risk, particularly in a competitive and international context. That is why Yooner Avocats offers entrepreneurs holistic supportconsistent with their needs and requirements in corporate, M&A, IP/IT, data, commercial, social and tax law, which ranges from the creation of their company, through the management and operation of their IP assets, their compliance GDPR, their fundraising, the implementation of incentive plans for employees such as advisors, or even the management of their litigation.

At the service of a relationship of trust and attached to a dimension of proximity with their clients, Yooner Avocats strives to adapt to their specific needs according to their ambitions, through a tailor-made and haute couture support.

True legal and strategic co-pilotYooner Avocats allows companies to focus on their development, and to carry out their project in consultation with them.

The strong entrepreneurial dimension of the firm, echoing the personal history of each of the founders, allows the lawyers of the structure to handle each file with total control of the ecosystem and knowledge of the challenges of their clients.

Yooner Avocats supports young technological shoots on a daily basis (from start-ups to unicorns) such as SMEs, GEs, or associations, mainly in the new industry sectors (environment, health, insurance, food), tech (AI, fintech, robotization) and new economies (e-commerce, platforms, intermediation).

Thanks to his network of international correspondents located in several areas of influence, Yooner Avocats also helps growing players to penetrate new markets, in Europe, French-speaking Africa and North America.

“The merger of our know-how is part of the firm’s overall strategy to provide our clients with a smart, efficient and operational team, made up of expert, daring and passionate personalities, which truly sets us apart on the market” , commentsJulie Roussel, founder.

Through Yooner Avocats, we wanted to address a clientele oriented towards technology and science. Our proactive approach allows us to better understand the needs of our customers with whom we share the same objectives. adds Serge Rosenzweig, founder.

Beyond a calibrated service offer with high added value, our priority is above all to bring a real field commitment to our customers, in order to prepare them the way to success and sustainable growth. “, confirms Sylvie Regnault, founder.

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