Did Elon Musk fail Berghain?

Did Elon Musk take his seum in front of the Berghain bouncer? The somewhat angry tweets of the multi-billionaire on the night of Saturday to Sunday put a flea in our ears… Would it be so surprising when we know the requirement of the physiognomist Sven Marquardt at the entrance of the historic club in Berlin?

Can you be a multi-billionaire, a personality of 2021 (according to Time magazine), having sent your own car models into orbit around the Earth and being turned down at the entrance to Berghain like a simple pilgrim at the gates of the Forbidden City in the XVIand century ? Answer with this unpublished case of Elon Musk. During the night from Saturday to Sunday, the American businessman attacked Berghain on Twitter because of a simple triumphant banner on the walls of the club, displaying a term “which he hates” to the point of turn back before entering the mythical Berlin club. But what is this word in question? “Peace”… Yes yes, you understood correctly. Elon Musk would himself have refused to enter one of the most select clubs in the world, on a Saturday evening at 5 a.m. because of a simple banner which reads “PEACE”.

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Elon, not to us… You just took your “seum” ? A bit like those street harassers who allow themselves to whistle at a girl and when she doesn’t answer them end up insulting her… It’s more than likely when you know the reputation of the ruthless physiognomist of Berghain, Sven Marquardt and his three legendary questions. We’ll let you make up your own mind, but on our side it’s certain, Musk was refused entry and like any good frustrated teenager, he grabbed his phone to pour out his hatred on the networks, all at 8 hours on Sunday morning. Elon…peace man!

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