Discover a selection of high-end holiday camps in Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States

And if you were going to spend your holidays abroad this summer? This event organized by Educom will allow you to meet a selection of the best “summer camps”.

On Saturday April 8 in Paris, Educom will allow you to meet a selection of 35 top-of-the-range summer camp organizers in Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States. This event also exists in Paris, Milan, Rome and Geneva. “We are here to support the parents throughout the process: the selection, the choice of the right camp, the administrative follow-up, which lasts until the return of the child”, explains Carol Panchaud, founder of Educom, who has been organizing this event for twenty years.

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Educom is a family company (Carol Panchaud and her two daughters).

This “consultation day”, as Carol Panchaud calls it, is organized this year at the salons of the Aéro-club de France, 6, rue Galilée, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is aimed at young people aged 6 to 22. Families begin by meeting with Carol Panchaud and her team to identify their needs. Then they are directed to the right organizations.

Themed language stay: robotics, basketball or cryptocurrency

The interest of going through his company? “It’s a guarantee of security because we know the organizations well, for 20 years, we have forged links. We also help families make the best choice according to the young person’s hobbies, needs and desires”she explains. It can be a themed language stay, in robotics, leadership, basketball, hockey, sustainable development, cybersecurity, neuroscience and even cryptocurrency. These organizations not only offer English, but also camps to learn Italian, Spanish and German. “Finally, we also provide individual and personalized support, because families can be very anxious at the idea of ​​sending their child by plane”she notes, adding that on this point, French and Swiss families are more relaxed than Italian families. On the price, Carol Panchaud wants to be transparent. “Be careful, we only do top of the range, these are not summer camps at 300 euros”. Saturday, you will find stays for around 1500 euros per week on average. “It’s not more expensive than on the Internet, the big difference is that we have selected these camps”says Carol Panchaud.

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