Elon Musk caresses the Doge again in the direction of the hair

A dogic video – Elon Musk does not do things by halves to pamper his favorite crypto-doggie. The CEO of Tesla does not miss a single opportunity to draw a promotional tweet of dogecoin (DOGE). His latest purchase should also allow him to walk his favorite canine crypto even more freely on social networks.

A shiba inu on a rocket: Elon Musk’s DOGE video for a mom

Elon Musk shared in his tweet of the 1is April 2022, a dogecoin promotional videoin response to a post by Brett Winton, director of research at Ark Invest. The latter said he had trouble explaining to his mother that bitcoin (BTC) miners are actually computers.

Dogecoin promotional tweet on Twitter by Elon Musk

The Tesla CEO jumped at the chance to advertise his favorite crypto-doggie. He asked Brett Winton to show his mother a short video featuring a shiba inu – the doge mascot – on a rocket, en route to the moonand surpassing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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D like Dogecoin – Source: YouTube

Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus liked this publicity stunt from Elon Musk, calling it “the best cryptocurrency video ever”

The DOGE community is used to Elon Musk’s tweets pumping the price of dogecoin. The billionaire should be able to show his support for the crypto meme even more easily, now that he has bought over 9% of Twitter shares, becoming the first shareholder of the social network.

The billionaire had issued criticism against Twitter on March 25, 2022, asking his followers if “Twitter strictly adheres” to the principle of “freedom of expression” which “is essential to the functioning of democracy”. Will its stake in Twitter sign the end of certain restrictions put in place by the social network?

If dogecoin never makes it past the $1 mark, fans won’t be able to blame Elon Musk for not doing everything possible to boost cryptocurrency adoption. The billionaire is not only a fervent ambassador for the latter on Twitter, but he also puts his companies at the service of DOGE.

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