Elon Musk contracted Covid

The rise in Covid cases spares no country or person, not even the rich and famous. Elon Musk has just announced that he has tested positive for coronavirus. And it’s not the first time the billionaire businessman has been infected.

Visibly tired of being sick again, Elon Musk even compared, on Twitter, the Covid-19 to the boat of Theseus, a philosophical paradox on the question of identity which dates back to Plutarch. To preserve Theseus’ boat during his victorious return on the Minotaur, the Athenians removed and replaced the planks of the boat as they worn out. Is it still Thésée’s boat with new planks?

Fed up

Well, with the Covid and all its variants, it’s the same for Elon Musk. “How many more gene changes before Covid-19 is no more? », he asks.

If the war in Ukraine has replaced the pandemic in the headlines, the increase in positive cases is real. Experts question, in all countries, the end of health measures and the relaxation of barrier gestures. The Omicron variant gave way to its BA2 sub-variant. The slightly more encouraging news is that since the waves of vaccinations and the generalization of tests, the number of people in critical care is decreasing.

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