Elon Musk delays launch to 2023

Is Tesla’s Cybertruck coming to our roads soon? We will have to show a little more patience, as Elon Musk has just revealed during the inauguration of the Gigafactory in Berlin. According to the statements of the billionaire, the production of the futuristic electric pickup will begin in 2023.

cybertruck launch 2023
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Presented in 2019 with fanfare at a conference that has gone down in history, Tesla’s Cybertruck is still long overdue. The electric pick-up with a futuristic design no longer counts the launch postponements. However and since the beginning of 2022, many stolen videos have made it possible to learn more about the Cybertruck and the modifications made to the vehicle.

Thanks to a stolen video published in February 2022, we were able to see, for example, that the windshield wiper which had caused so much controversy was removed by Tesla engineers. Only and despite the publication of these videos, there is no official information to get your teeth into regarding the launch date of the Cybertruck. It is now done.

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End of development in 2022, start of production of the Cybertruck in 2023

During the last conference call with investors on the results of the 4th quarter of 2021, Elon Musk has made it clear that the release of the Cybertruck is still a long way off. Nevertheless, the billionaire wanted to be reassuring by specifying that the development of the Cybertruck will end in 2022, the goal is to launch production in 2023. Note that he reiterated his remarks during the inauguration of the new Gigafactory in Berlin, which will notably produce the latest Model Ys for the European market.

As a reminder, we remember that in January 2022, Tesla had deleted the date of entry into production on the page dedicated to Cybertruck on its official website. A very bad news for the fans, who therefore expected yet another postponement of the launch of the pick-up. They were right, since the Cybertruck will not arrive on the roads before 2023.

Note that there is considerable expectation around Tesla’s electric pickup. And for good reason, the Cybertruck recorded no less than 1.2 million pre-orders in August 2021. That is colossal revenue of $79 billion for Tesla. The waiting list also to reserve a Cybertruck continues to grow, the latest arrivals will have to wait several years to obtain their copy.

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