Elon Musk develops revolutionary connected glasses

The famous engineer, entrepreneur, South African American-Canadian billionaire, CEO of SpaceX, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SolarCity and CEO of Tesla, has just announced the development of a revolutionary connected glasses: the FlexVoid. Glasses with a sleek style and weighing no more than 30 grams, integrating hundreds of digital sensors allowing direct contact between the glasses and the user’s brain. “The only prerequisite is to have a brain”, specifies its creator, “this naturally excludes a good part of humanity but we are working to improve our system”.

The FlexVoid allows you to physically project yourself into the future or the past with a simple finger pressure on the right arm of the glasses. Problem: the present is thus placed in a kind of temporal stasis, recorded in the left branch in .mov format and transferable to Iphone and Android. Do not forget to download the file to return to the present in order to avoid being lost in time and space. An insurance policy has been put in place to prevent this inconvenience, partially covered by complementary health insurance.


Rare photograph of an individual lost in time and space

A rift in nothingness

“Technically, the principle is simple: create a flexible fault (Flex) in the universe and generate a vacuum there (Void), making it possible to project a body and everything that composes it. The process is almost instantaneous and painless, although some individuals may experience a mild headache or temporary dry eyes.

The glasses are entirely powered by a miniature electrolysis system separating hydrogen from water. Just fill a small reservoir on the branch with tap water.


Chemical reaction of electrolysis by water cracking


The FlexVoid are equipped with 16 nano cameras of 38 megapixels each and a server dedicated to sending and receiving pdf documents throughout the universe. Anti-UV and anti-blue light filters are also integrated. They will be available from February 30 in French stores.

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