Elon Musk wants to remove ‘W’ from ‘Twitter’ and puns have fans laughing – Reuters

Elon Musk was pretty busy on Twitter this Sunday, posting about how to improve the microblogging platform. In his last tweet, the Twitter Board member asked in a poll whether the “w” should be removed from “Twitter.” The interesting part of the survey is that it only has two response options: “yes” and “of course”. The resulting word “Titter,” which means “a laugh,” leaves her followers wide-eyed. While some felt it was high time for Elon to delete his account, others played along and unleashed a flurry of memes. Soon, ‘titter’ was trending on Twitter.

“Remove the w in Twitter? »

His supporters sent some interesting replies.

Are you bored? Why are you changing something on @twitter? If you are going to do better from now on, please give priority to reliable and precise information!


“Titter Board Meeting! »

“So we all become Titteratti in Titterverse?” Well, at least that should put a smile on Teeter’s face, who’s been too serious around here lately. »

“SEC officials see Elon’s tweets. »

“I decode what Elon meant and I finally understand it. »

“This man alone makes Titter more enjoyable. »

Tesla CEO Elon Musk now has a 9% stake in Twitter and a seat on his company’s board, raising questions about how the billionaire business mogul could reshape the platform. social media, according to an AP report. He is now the largest shareholder of Twitter and has the ear of top managers. Musk’s role as a board member and largest shareholder of Twitter certainly gives him an outsized voice in the company’s future. He was publicly praised this week by the CEO and other board members, a sign that Twitter management is likely to take his ideas seriously.

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