Elon Musk wants to take Tesla to the next step with the “plan part 3”

Elon Musk has moved on to the third part of his plan for his car brand Tesla. AI should be at the heart of the project.

It was on his favorite social network, Twitter, that star entrepreneur Elon Musk caused a stir again on Monday. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX has indeed announced his intention to develop his brand of electric car to the “extreme”. According to the businessman from Pretoria, the next major areas of development are artificial intelligence and the scaling of the manufacturer’s operations. In other words, to continue working on the arrival of autonomy in the brand’s cars, but also to set up more and more Tesla factories around the world.

An announcement that inevitably echoes the first European Tesla Gigafactory, which has just opened its doors in Berlin. According to Elon Musk, the development of Tesla, and in particular of AI within the firm, should make it possible to “drag humanity away from fossil fuels” which have a considerable impact on global warming.

Tesla passes the 3rd

With the opening of the Berlin factory, Tesla is establishing a long-term presence in Europe and intends to produce nearly half a million vehicles each year, directly in the German capital. With an investment of more than five billion dollars, the idea is to materialize in Europe by eventually producing enough vehicles to compete with Volkswagen, the largest automotive group on the old continent, which has invested nearly 100 billion dollars. in the development of its electrical section, in particular through the Audi and Porsche brands, which have made a sensational entry into this new, rapidly expanding market.

Tesla has already published two first “Master Plans” to explain the future evolution of the brand. The first part of this “plan” published in 2006 was to serve to make Tesla a serious brand, established in the world of electric cars. 10 years later, the second part of this plan was to allow Tesla to produce new models, like the Cybertruck, in order to develop and gain a high place in the automotive world.

A society above Tesla and SpaceX?

Today, six years after the publication of this second part, Tesla has just made official its development for the next few years with the release of its “Master Plan by 3”. Note that in Elon Musk’s announcement, this is the first time that he has mentioned both Tesla, but also SpaceX and The Boring Company, which fuels rumors about the creation of a company. mother, uniting the three companies under the same roof.

This announcement could also be synonymous with a rapprochement between the brands and possible future collaboration.

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