Elon Musk wonders about Dogecoin: should DOGE be accepted for Twitter Blue?

Dog + Bird = Elon’s Twitter – The Billionaire Elon Musk doesn’t just help set up a giant farm of solar-powered bitcoin (BTC) mininghe also does not forget his dear Dogecoin (DOGE). The CEO of Tesla, who has just invested heavily in Twitterindeed plans to involve this memecoin with the emblematic smiling shiba dog in the social network with the blue bird.

Elon Musk wants to give Twitter a boost

At the beginning of April 2022, we learned thatElon Musk had acquired almost 73.5 million TWTR shares of Twitter. This represents approximately 9.2% of all shares of the social network company to messages limited to 280 characters.

At the time of this revelation, we were joking and wondering if, following this, Elon Musk was going to “bring back some DOGE” on Twitter. It would seem that this little dash of humor was premonitory since, less than a week later, the billionaire speaks well ofinclude Dogecoin for Blue Twitterthe (paid) premium account option of the social network.

Elon Musk, who recently joined the board of directors of Twitter following its large equity investment, initially explained that it wanted lower the package to access Twitter Blue:

” The price [de l’abonnement à Twitter Blue] should probably be around $2/month, but you’d have to pay for 12 months up front, and the account wouldn’t be verified (authentication tick) for 60 days and would be suspended without refund if it’s used for scam/spam. »

Elon Musk wants to lower the price for Twitter Blue.
Twitter account @elonmusk

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Dogecoin as a payment method

In addition to this drop from 3 to 2 dollars per month (so from 36 to 24 dollars for 12 months) to obtain a Twitter Blue premium account, Elon Musk has tweeted that he would like to allow his payment in a cryptocurrency…

It is neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum (ETH), but rather Dogecoin who is envisioned by the billionaire as method of payment possible :

“Maybe even an option to pay [Twitter Blue] and Doge? †

Elon Musk wants to offer DOGE as a payment method to Twitter Blue.
Twitter account @elonmusk

Finally, Elon Musk wants as much as possible remove advertising from Twitter. The CEO of SpaceX does not want the social network to meet again “dependent on advertising money to survive”.

The engineer-billionaire seems in any case full of ideas for give more use to his favorite crypto-doggie. For the past few months, Twitter users have been able to gift their favorite influencers from tips (tips) in bitcoins and ethers. Will Elon Musk add these donations in DOGE also ?

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