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In a period of inflation, it is better to own real estate or invest in a company that offers fairly popular products. This is at least what should be retained from the advice given by the wealthy American businessman Elon Musk. Through a publication he made on the blue bird social network over the past weekend, he let it be known that he is “generally better to own physical assets like a house or shares in companies that make good products”.

This option is preferable to the one which consists of keeping cash without doing anything with it according to the wealthy businessman. Still through the same publication, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX returned to certain advice that had been given by Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. The latter declared in 2009 during the annual meeting of shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway that the best protection against inflation is owning a stock in a solid company.

Invest in profitable companies

If you own the Coca-Cola Company, you will get a given share of people’s work in 20 years and in 50 years for your product and it makes no difference. what happened to the price level”he had declared. Note that these tips forElon Musk intervene in a context, certain experts announce serious impacts of the war in Ukraine on the world economy.

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