Elon Musk’s guinea pig monkeys died in ‘extreme pain’

The video of the monkey Pager playing the video game Pong solely thanks to his thoughts had stunned scientific observers and hinted at spectacular progress in transhumanism, a school of thought that advocates the use of technology to improve physical and physiological abilities.

Last I heard, in early December, Elon Musk planned to test the implant on humans in 2022, after lengthy experimentation, during which the implants were reportedly safe in monkeys and could be easily removed.

Neuralink fights back

An argument undermined by the scientists of the Committee of Physicians for Responsible Medicine (The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), which has just filed a complaint against Neuralink for animal abuse. According to this association, which says it is based on veterinary reports of the experiment, 16 of the 23 monkeys in the experiment died in “extreme suffering, resulting from inadequate treatment of the animals and the highly invasive nature of the experimental brain implants during the tests “.

In question, a mysterious “bioglue” used which would have destroyed parts of the brain, implants screwed on the head which become infected, animals taken from epileptic seizures and victims of facial trauma…

In total, according to the Committee of Physicists for Responsible Medicine, no less than nine texts of American laws would have been flouted by Elon Musk, his company Neuralink and the University of California at Davis, also linked to the project until 2020 before withdraw abruptly.

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