Here are the 5 pastries from the least to the most caloric

They may have been invented in Vienna, Austria, but the French love pastries. The croissant has also become an emblem of France’s culinary heritage. For breakfast or afternoon tea, there is always a little peck for a chocolate or raisin roll. But beware, these treats are high in calories. Here are the five favorite pastries of the French, classified according to their calories, according to the Ciqual site of Anses.

Raisin bread (333 kcal/100g)

It is the lowest calorie viennoiserie of the top 5. Artisan raisin bread still has as many followers. Trendy bakeries are trying to revisit it, but it’s the original version that remains the most popular.

Brioche (374 kcal/100g)

A good brioche is a real treat for breakfast. Spread it with butter and jam. And, at snack time, it’s chocolate spread that will come to cover it. This is somewhat its weak point: it is often combined with other fats. Tasted plain, it is not so caloric.

Butter croissant (420 kcal/100g)

This specialty of French bakers, which is not that easy to make, is quite high in calories. But this classification is misleading: a croissant must have an average of 50g, the number of calories should therefore be divided by two.

Chocolate bread (423 kcal/100g)

In the morning, we could eat two or three in a row. Pains au chocolat, when they come out of the oven, are a pleasure that you can hardly get rid of. Be careful not to overdo it all the same: this pastry is one of the most caloric.



Almond croissant (446 kcal/100g)

Unsurprisingly, the almond croissant tops the rankings according to ANSES statistics. Moreover, after having swallowed one, we are generally stalled for a while.

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