Here’s why you have to put a coin in the freezer… The trick to saving food in the event of a power cut

With inflation, shortages… The freezer takes on an even more important place in households that are lucky enough to have one. Enough to stock up for several months, make sure you always have certain foods on hand, but also avoid waste.

Problem, we are not immune to a power outage or breakdown. If this happens in our absence, during a long weekend or a vacation spent away from home, it is possible that the food in our freezer will be thawed and then refrozen immediately if the problem resolves itself spontaneously. When we return, the time displayed on the oven clock may be off. This can be a clue to put us on the trail of a power cut. But we have no way of knowing whether this break in the cold chain took place, whether it lasted a few seconds or several days. It would therefore be a shame to get rid of the food contained in the freezer. Just as it would be harmful to eat food that has been thawed and then refrozen.

Indeed, freezing does not kill microorganisms (or microbes), it only reduces their activity and their proliferation. Upon thawing, their development resumes. Once the food is eaten, one risks suffering from food poisoning and many other problems.

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The simple but effective trick

Le Figaro reports a trick that a simple coin can tell if our freezer has stopped working. To do this, simply fill a ramekin with water and place it in the freezer. Once the water has frozen, all that remains is to place a coin on the surface of the formed ice cube. This piece must always remain on the ice surface. If it is found at the bottom of the ramekin, stuck in the ice, this is a sign that the water may have been thawed and indicates that the freezer has stopped working for a period of time. What deduce that it is better not to consume the food it contains.

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