high school student arrested for murder after his math homework was discovered at the crime scene

The young man is suspected of having participated, with three other people, in a burglary that went wrong.

He will have to find a concrete excuse to explain how his notebook ended up there. 18 years old and residing in Las Vegas (United States), the young Kamari Oliver was arrested by the local police a few days ago, on suspicion of armed robbery and murder.

The facts would have taken place on March 25 in the middle of the afternoon, according to Complex. That day, four people broke into a house, while the owner was there and her companion was absent. The burglars then allegedly demanded that she give them money and valuables, threatening her with a gun.

Homework notebook found in suspects’ car

The victim would have tried to defend himself by pulling out his own firearm, and would then have been shot by the criminals. A few minutes later, his companion arrived on the scene and saw four people, three men and a woman, fleeing the scene at the wheel of a Mercedes. He immediately chased them and they ended up hitting a wall. Their vehicle crashed, they then fled on foot.

The police, however, did not have too much trouble finding clues to go back to them. Inside the damaged Mercedes, the police have indeed found 5000 dollars in cash (about 4500 euros), but also and above all a backpack. “Inside the backpack was a Chromebook as well as a notebook of school assignments, more precisely of mathematics, details the police, quoted by Complex. In the upper right corner of one of the assignments, the name ‘ Kamari Oliver’ was written”.

Disturbing elements

Law enforcement directed their investigation to the 18-year-old, a high school student in the Clark County School District, and quickly discovered that he had been absent without cause on the day of the burglary. Kamari Oliver was therefore arrested by the police, who immediately found that the high school student had facial injuries. ‘He said he had a fight at a party over the weekend, police inform When questioned about the murder, Oliver said he wanted a lawyer and all questions ceased “.

Placed in pre-trial detention, the young man is now accused of burglary, but also of the murder of the owner of the burglarized house, who succumbed to his injuries. “I think the evidence will show that he never entered this house, says his lawyer. He is an 18-year-old with no criminal history as an adult or a minor. We think the facts will show that he was not involved in any murder.” According to Complex, the police would however have a video recording showing the suspect disposing of a firearm not far from the scene of the crime…

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