His plan to live in the USA. We tell you everything!

As often, Jazz lent himself to the game of questions on his Instagram stories. With a community of over 4 million subscribers, it’s safe to say that Jazz has fans. Remember, it was on the show Who wants to marry my son?, that we discovered her. With her outspokenness, she had not hesitated to leave the one who had chosen her. After several shows and especially very difficult life moments, such as her kidney disease and her first aborted pregnancy, Jazz had been able to conquer hearts. As a strong woman, she rose from each ordeal. Following the burglary of her house, she and Laurent decide to leave to live in Dubai. And where the sun shines all year round, Jazz’s career took off. Since then, she has been a business manager, at the head of her own shows, mother of three children and owner of a sumptuous villa in Dubai. Everything smiles at him. But rest assured the young woman does not intend to stop there!

Jazz has American dreams!

She has always taken the Kardashian family as an example, and we can say that she follows their journey to the letter! Strong woman, she reminds us of Kris Jenner. Involving his whole family, carrying his teams, Jazz is building an empire. But how far will she go? A priori to the United States. In any case, it is his project.


Jazz would therefore be ready to start all over again? How will she go about it? So many questions that we would like her to answer. But everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait. And maybe we will find out in the next season of the JLC Family? And you what do you think ?

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