Huge scandal! An employee fired from LIDL for having eaten an expired cake on its premises.

Huge scandal at LIDL! An employee fired for eating an expired cake. Here is the whole affair told by the main interested party.

Once again, Lidl finds itself at the center of an incredible controversy. Even the unions can’t believe it. We tell you everything!

LIDL deal

Lidl in turmoil

When you discover this Lidl ad, you can’t help but compare it to other agrifood giants. Why would having a job be better there than elsewhere?

For two years, the pandemic has shaken our bearings. As long as you have a contract with a store like this, you cannot telecommute.

Also, People Act Magazine can understand troop burnout. During the lockdown, they were considered essential to prevent the economy from collapsing.

Today, the balance sheet is clear. Even if some variants come to shake us a little, we have learned to live with the virus.

Wearing a mask and barrier gestures are part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, this Belgian employee made a small mistake that led to her death!

At Lidl, no one expected it!

It had been almost two decades since she signed a contract with Lidl. Since diversifying, the king of discount stores has been on the rise.

On the one hand, you can find inexpensive ingredients for the family recipe so essential to your child’s soul.

On the other hand, you can find the small appliances you need to make it happen at unbeatable prices. Behind the scenes, we make sure everything is perfect before the store opens. Except this day when all hell broke loose on Earth!

Interviewed by the RTBF television channel, the staff representative of this Lidl store came out of his shell. “This lady felt unwell and had to quickly take a sweet item.”

Caught in the act, she was reported to management. Instead of considering the moral aspect, they established that it was a prejudice. In short, the victim has become the executioner. She was immediately fired for gross misconduct and the story made headlines. Moreover, to rally the media around the world to their cause, the unions are ready to make any sacrifice.

A last minute scoop!

From Monday April 4, 2022, the order is given to block access to Lidl. For customers, it’s an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of this tragic event. The unions admit that they had only one objective in mind. According to them, the temporary closure of the store was to shake up management.

Anxious not to lose more money than necessary, they will do everything to find an agreement. People Act Magazine understands it’s about “restarting the dialogue and getting justice for this worker.”

Obviously, the strategy worked. At first, no one had access to the content of the exchanges between the big bosses of Lidl and the legal representatives of this employee.

It was only “for reasons of confidentiality”! However, anonymous sources are breaking the silence. Not wanting to have repercussions on their career, they still want to point out that the unfortunate was unable to return to work at the king of discount. On the other hand, on his file, the striking term of “serious misconduct” has disappeared. As a result, she was able to benefit from unemployment, just to bounce back and find another job.

And now ?

What do you think of this story? Of course, this is far from an isolated case. Despite all of Lidl’s communication policy to restore its image, the damage is done.


And this recent shortage of sunflower oil is not going to help matters. Oops… is she in danger? Fingers crossed so that everything goes back to normal and that we finally see the end of the tunnel. More than ever, we hope that this pandemic will bring business leaders and their employees closer together. The need is mutual, not unilateral. More information in the next issue of People Act Magazine!

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