Indonesian “tempeh” to conquer the world

Make the world recognize the tempeh as a symbol of Indonesian food is the dream shared by Wida Winamo, her father, Florentinus Gregorius, and her son, Amadeus Driando Ahnan. In 2014, the family launched the Indonesian Tempeh Movement.

“At that time, people considered tempeh a staple food, not thinking that it could ever become a fancy, veg specialty,” says Wida Winamo. Since then, this food technology engineer has been exploring the history of this “vegetarian steak” and publishing her research in various scientific journals.

Tempeh is a typical Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans. Since the 1700s, it has been the main source of protein for people in central Java. It contains the same quantity and quality of protein as beef.

Prioritize Indonesian soybeans

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Wida began to organize workshops in various regions of the archipelago, up to Ambon [aux Moluques]where she was invited four times by the local government to teach communities how to make tempeh from local soybeans.

Seven years after the creation of her movement, she is beginning to see a change in the image of tempeh, especially on social networks, where many people are developing treasures of creativity to make this food more attractive, more trendy. Some are innovating by using the same fermentation process but with kernels of durian, fru

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Tempo Diary (Jakarta)

Tempo Diary is the daily newspaper published by the group Weather whose flagship publication is the eponymous weekly.

Weather was first published in April 1971 by PT Grafitti Pers, with the intention of offering the Indonesian public new ways of getting information, freedom of analysis and respect for differences of opinion.

Step by step, Weather publishes increasingly detailed investigations, questioning certain aspects of General Suharto’s policy. In 1994, the weekly was banned by the censors and closed. In October 1998, four months after Suharto’s resignation, Weather reappears, published this time by PT Tempo Inti Media Tbk. There is now an English edition on the Internet.

The site offers a daily update of the main information of the paper edition, available in three languages: Indonesian, English and Japanese. Each week, the site also offers an opinion poll on a topical issue to which all Internet users are invited to respond. It favors political and economic news as well as certain major reporting files. Back issues of the magazine up to 1998 can be consulted. Access to the site as well as consultation of a short summary of the articles are free, but you have to pay to have access to the complete articles.

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