Joe Biden, wise but emotional warlord

After seven weeks of war in Ukraine, no one can deny that Joe Biden “has left its mark on this crisis”, underlines the Washington Post.

Very experienced in the field of international relations – Joe Biden chaired the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee for a long time, the American daily recalls – he cannot be accused of military adventurism, as evidenced by his decision in July 2021 to withdraw all US troops in Afghanistan.

On the Ukrainian front, “he was careful not to cross certain lines”, underlines the newspaper, in particular by refusing to establish a ban on Ukrainian airspace. And he repeated many times that he refused “climbing” and didn’t want “the conflict degenerates into a direct military confrontation between Russia and the United States”, even citing the risk of “Third World War”.

Ukraine, “a very personal matter”

But the White House tenant’s response to the war in

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