Kinder and Buitoni cases: 53% of French…

Salmonella in Kinder chocolates, E. coli in Fraîch’up pizzas from Buitoni, cheeses recalled for risk of listeria, but also contaminated charcuterie: food recalls are increasing in France… So much so that 53% of French people say they want to change their purchasing habits, according to a YouGov survey carried out for LSA, from April 8 to 11 on a panel of 1,026 people representative of the French adult population. It remains to be seen how long this mistrust will last (a few weeks, several months…) and the difference between the declaration and the actual acts of purchase?

Among these French people who say they want to change their habits, 62% want to avoid buying the brands involved. More than half plan to avoid consuming the products concerned (55%), such as chocolate or frozen pizzas, while others want to eliminate processed products (43%).

Loss of confidence in the food industry?

For now, nearly half of French people (48%) do not trust the food industry, according to this survey carried out after the Kinder and Buitoni affairs.

83% of them believe that this industry should be controlled more by increasing state quality controls (72%), by financially penalizing breaches (57%) or by tightening hygiene standards (53% ).

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