Les Grands Gamins moor the first floating bar on a barge

They are just waiting for the green light from the authorities. After several months of reflection and work, the owners of the bar Les Grands Gamins are about to strike hard. In a few weeks, Jérémy Leduc and Matthieu Horeau will be the happy managers of the first bar on the water in Rennes. A small event in a town long called “Condate”, which means “confluence”, in reference to its location at the confluence of the Ille and the Vilaine.

It is on the very calm waters of the Ille-et-Rance canal that the future barge-bar will open. When ? Shortly. “The final works are in progress. We are still waiting for the validation of the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea (DDTM), which will require a little time for instruction. We don’t have a fixed opening date yet, but it won’t be long,” explains co-owner Jérémy Leduc to 20 minuteswithout wanting to say more for the moment about the “little sister” of the now famous café canteen that he opened on the Mitterrand mall.

In Rennes, the Quai Saint-Cast has just seen the arrival of a new barge.  Property of the Grands Gamins, it will soon become the first bar on the water in Rennes.
In Rennes, the Quai Saint-Cast has just seen the arrival of a new barge. Property of the Grands Gamins, it will soon become the first bar on the water in Rennes. – The Big Kids

Before opening their floating bar, the Grands Gamins will first have to complete the work to adapt their barge. And there was work, because for this new project, they chose to buy a barge from Nantes dating from 1903. For a few days, the blue and white boat has been moored on Quai Saint-Cast, just next to the Mouch’ lounge. . Installed there since 2014, the floating hair salon was impatiently waiting to find new neighbors. The Rennes municipality had launched a call for projects in partnership with the Brittany region in 2019 to animate the banks of the canal. Several dozen applications had been studied, but the file had accumulated significant delays, in particular due to the health crisis.

“It took a long time”

The first barge to open should therefore be the Grands Gamins musette bar in April, just before Magdalena Musialek’s yoga salon. This 36-year-old teacher thought she could inaugurate her structure several months ago. But opening a business on the water seems much more complicated than on land. “It took a long time, especially for the loan with the banks, but it finally materialized,” she told us in November. It should open its room at the end of April or the beginning of May.

Two other projects should see the light of day in the same place. A floating creperie is under construction and should moor in the fall. And an event-type reception room is also planned, even if no delivery date has yet been advanced.

These four projects should not be the only ones to develop in Rennes. Faced with the enthusiasm of the inhabitants for a return of nature to the city and the rediscovery of its river, the municipality has identified other sites: along the boulevard de Lattre-de-Tassigny (Anatole-France) in Baud-Chardonnet or near the guinguette currently operated by the MeM. “The objective of these projects is to develop the animation of the banks of the Vilaine and the canals, to enhance and open up these natural spaces, in the continuity of the city center”, justifies the city of Rennes.

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