Lille: Three young people open a Levantine restaurant in Wazemmes

Ulin, Bastien and Hugo, 23 and 26, opened their Levantine food restaurant, Kousbi, on March 23 on rue Brûle-Maison in Lille. Their credo: a small menu based on fresh products, all homemade and above all a lot of taste.

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It’s hard to miss the green facade of Kousbi, the new Levantine restaurant (1) on rue Brûle-Maison in Lille, opened on March 23 by a group of friends: Ulin, Bastien and Hugo, 23 and 26 years old. Their philosophy: homemade, fresh and tasty cuisine.

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“We quickly wanted to do something concrete. »

It all starts with a friendly love at first sight between Ulin and Hugo, during their studies in business school in Paris (Essec). The two discover a common passion: cooking. ” We quickly wanted to do something concrete. We had created a food-truck where we only made falafels, says Hugo. It allowed us to go to festivals and be in front of our school one day a week, which went well with our student rhythm. It wasn’t until last summer that Ulin’s high school friend Bastien joined the gang. With five years of experience in catering, he tasted his friends’ falafels, which he found to be an excellent recipe, and launched the idea of ​​a restaurant.

Lille as a matter of course

The choice of location for this restaurant came. ” We were sure we didn’t want to stay in Paris. Lille quickly imposed itself because it corresponded to what we were looking for: a city where everything is accessible on foot and not too far from Paris. “, explains Hugo. The premises found, not far from the Wazemmes market, and after 15 days of work, the business was launched.

Decorated with care, the small restaurant is warm.  PHOTO: JEREMY PAOLONI / THE VOICE OF THE NORTH
Decorated with care, the small restaurant is warm. PHOTO: JEREMY PAOLONI / THE VOICE OF THE NORTH – VDNPQR

A simple and effective card

But no more question of making only falafels. The menu has been expanded a bit but remains short: three types of pita sandwiches and two “bowls” containing falafel, halloumi, samosas, hummus, or even sabich, an Israeli specialty. All 100% vegetarian, although ” it’s not a selling point. We, our argument is that it’s good smiles Hugo. A few desserts complete the selection, including a vegan chocolate mousse made from the juice of chickpeas used for hummus. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, as they say.

Kousbi, 1, rue Brûle-Maison, open every day from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. or delivery on Deliveroo, Just eat and Eatic. Contact: 09 79 08 82 67, Instagram and Facebook.

1- The Levantine adjective designates what originated in the Levant, which today corresponds to the region of the Middle East.

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