Lyon, the inhabitants of Croix Rousse boycott KFC

The American fast food chain KFC would like to establish itself in Croix Rousse, in the 4th arrondissement of Lyon. Problem: most residents are planning a boycott of the project, even before it opens.

At Croix Rousse, we love organic “, quips Danielle, a resident of the district. For her, a fast food restaurant like KFC in the 4th arrondissement of Lyon does not fit. ” I’m not sure it fits the locals here. “, she confides. One thing is certain: it will not go. An opinion shared by Caroline, who has lived in the area for almost five years: “ It denotes a little with the universe and the climate of Croix Rousse “.

Do not turn off small local businesses

Another argument among the Croix-Roussiens: “At KFC, people are poorly paid and the food is really not that, no interest!” Says Jérémie, who has never set foot at Burger King established on the square. For others, it doesn’t matter if KFC sets up or not, the whole thing is not to disturb the balance of the district. ” If some people like it, that’s fine, but it shouldn’t turn off small local businesses. “, worries Noémie, a resident.

A KFC Grande rue de la Croix Rousse

For the time being, the KFC brand would have the idea of ​​settling in a room on the Grande rue de la Croix-Rousse, as reported by La Tribune de Lyon. A street where some would have preferred a non-food business: “ There are already plenty of good little restaurants, I am against this project, something else is needed “, explains Michelle, who has lived in La Croix Rousse for 40 years and who does not intend to pass the door of the American fast food giant.

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