Martinique restaurateurs fear rising raw material prices

New hard blow especially for restaurateurs in Martinique. After several months of difficulty with the health situation, they now have to deal with the increase in the price of raw materials. The Union of Trades and Hospitality Industries of Martinique challenges the authorities.

In this restaurant located a few meters from the sea, customers enjoy their meal and their cocktail. The price increase, moderate for the moment, has been operated by the owner for a few days.

My rates have gone up a bit. I haven’t increased as I should, so I’m cutting back a bit on my margin. But I had to.

A blow for a profession that has been heavily affected by the health crisis. Between the confinements, the closures of establishments, the curfew or even the application of the health pass, restaurateurs already in difficulty are dealing with the increase in certain raw and food materials and energy.

According to the products, by differentiating liquids, what we drink, solids, what we eat and what we use to prepare food. On the liquid, we have increases of 5 to 30 or even 40% on certain specific products. On the solid part, the increases range from 0, for now, and up to 20.25%. All of this is due to the fact that we are coming out of the crisis so there is strong international demand, strong demand for maritime transport which has increased the cost, foodstuffs are more expensive.

Christophe Lupon, President UMIH Martinique (Union of Trades and Hospitality Industries of Martinique)

Entrecote salad dish in restaurant.


I take the example of the duck. There has been a lot of slaughter in France in relation to avian flu so the price has very seriously increased, when it is not found. Beef is the same, the price of rib steaks has exploded. When I bought a rib steak at 18 euros per kilo in December and now we are on a basis of 27 to 28 euros per kilo, it’s complicated for me and necessarily my rib steak that I sold maybe 22 or 23 euros , I will sell it for 27 or 28 euros now. And then there are products that we have a lot of trouble finding and which increase enormously, such as oil. Last week, I was wondering if I could continue to do accras in my restaurant.

The office of the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry of Martinique (UMIH Martinique) fears for the profession and wishes to alert the authorities. In a press release, he calls for real reflection.

We have to think about what we want to do in Martinique. We cannot continue to depend in such proportions on imports for everything related to food. We cannot depend so much on the outside. How can we produce more in Martinique? How to find solutions? How can we reduce our import dependency?

Christophe Lupon, Union of Trades and Hospitality Industries of Martinique

Questions that fuel the daily lives of these professionals. The general increase in the prices of raw materials has heavily affected restaurants, already shaken by the restrictions imposed during Covid-19.

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