Mr Goxx, the champion trading hamster is dead: Rest in peace!

Do you remember Paul the Octopus, this animal who became famous for predicting the results of the 2010 football World Cup matches… Paul the Octopus died shortly after Spain’s victory! Victory he had also seen in his tentacles!

In the world of cryptocurrency, another animal has stirred bitcoins around the world… His name Mr Goxx, a gifted hamster who made thousands of dollars to those who believed in him… They will have to do without him now, because on his Twitter accounthis death has been announced… The world of finance is mourning a little hamster endowed with supernatural powers!!! Or maybe he was just very lucky, we will never know of course! Peace to his hamster soul!

Who was Mr. Goxx?

“It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our furry friend that we loved so much (…) Thank you Max (aka Mr Goxx), rest in peace. We will miss you and your memory will live forever in the blockchain. », such was the epitaph dedicated to Mr Goxx this week! Mr Goxx was a small gray hamster owned by humans who had adapted his toys in a particular way…

By doing a few spins and somersaults, the hamster triggered actions buying or selling cryptocurrency… And every week, the family of Mr Goxx published his excellent results in this matter… Shortly before his death, on November 20, Mr Goxx posted nice results with 4 orders placed, a career performance at +149.55 EUR and a TWR of +23.33%.

A way of trading like any other!

Even if trading is a financial profession, investing online in cryptocurrencies also involves chance… Who could have imagined that bitcoin was worth $0.001 in 2009 and that 20 years later, it would be worth $50,000? the unit? Today many cryptocurrencies are flourishing on the financial markets, but who is able to predict their future?? The little hamster had, probably in spite of himself, a great career as a trader… And he especially amused Internet users a lot, like Paul the Octopus in his time and in his football field!

But how did he order cryptocurrencies?

Mr Goxx offered himself a few gymnastics or trading sessions livestreamed on Twitch. When he activated his wheel, he selected at the same time certain cryptocurrencies contained in his wallet… Then two game tunnels indicated “Buy” or “Sell”… Depending on the tunnel borrowed, the traders who followed him could therefore invest or sell the cryptocurrencies designated by Mr Goxx! To benefit from the services of Mr Goxx, traders had to pay 20 dollars per trade and invest at least 300 dollars!

Mr. Goxx’s family wanted to show in a very humorous way that trading was not an exact science… but rather the result of chance! And that budding traders who claim to invest in the best cryptocurrencies sometimes get paid dearly to end up relying on chance! Apparently no animal abuse has been observed… And it’s a nice snub to the world of finance… Rest in peace Mr Goxx!

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