N. Bennett wants US to pressure Mr. Abbas over PA payments to terrorist’s father

Earlier this Friday he welcomed his son’s attack and encouraged more such acts

Officials in Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office have called on the United States to pressure the Palestinian Authority and its leader Mahmoud Abbas to reduce payments to the father of terrorist Ra’ad Hazem, who carried out the Thursday’s attack in Tel Aviv, reported Friday Channel 12.

Fathi Hazem is a former security prisoner who previously served as a senior officer in the Palestinian Authority security services in Jenin, and therefore receives an allowance from the Palestinian Authority.

Earlier on Friday, he welcomed his son’s attack and encouraged more such acts.

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Defense Minister Benny Gantz has mentioned the payment of allowances to the parents of terrorists during all his meetings with Mahmoud Abbas, the channel reports.

Israelis hope the Biden administration will make it clear to Mahmoud Abbas that his condemnation is not enough and needs to be followed by action, whether that means cutting payouts or aiding a likely Israeli offensive in Jenin to suppress terrorism emanating from that city.

However, officials have no illusions about the results of the pressure campaign, the channel says.

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