new record in March for inflation

Prices continue to climb in the United States, and inflation reached a new high in March, the first month fully affected by the repercussions of the war in Ukraine on energy in particular, pushing the White House to attempt to mitigate the cost.

Inflation in March reached its highest level since December 1981. Prices rose 8.5% compared to March 2021, against 7.9% in February also year on year, according to the consumer price index. consumption (CPI) released Tuesday by the Department of Labor.

March is the first month to fully integrate the effect of the war in Ukraine, which began in the very last days of February.

Over one month, inflation also accelerated, to 1.2%, against 0.8% in February. Gasoline prices alone soared 18.3% from last month, and accounted for more than half of that jump, adding to shortages of goods and labor.

The prices of housing and food also contribute to this increase, specifies the Department of Labor.

However, excluding energy and food prices, so-called core inflation slowed compared to February, to 0.3% versus 0.5%.

Thus, the prices of used cars, which have been driving inflation for months, fell in March (-3.8%).

On the other hand, over one year, underlying inflation accelerated, and reached 6.5%, its highest level since August 1982.

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