Oloron: La Zythosphère beer bar celebrates its second anniversary by diversifying its activity

Although there is no shortage of cafés in Oloron, the managers of the Zythosphere, which takes its name from zythology, i.e. the study of beer, congratulate themselves on having found their niche: “We were able to attract our public, with a innovative concept on the territory which offers “afterwork” time to have a drink with colleagues or friends after work”, smiles Benoit Wantz. Little by little, new features have been added to the offer, with evening concerts, discovery workshops, a food-truck on weekends, and partnerships with local restaurants during the week.

Eight printers for hire

However, there is no question of relying on a formula that already works well! “After two years, we could either expand, change locations, or diversify. We choose to continue to show our know-how in the field of beer”, explain the managers.

The editorial staff advises you

With the end of health restrictions, there should be many festive events in the territory in the coming months: holiday committees, parent-teacher associations, municipalities and various and varied clubs will be able to count on the company’s latest acquisitions, or eight beer dispensers for hire. “We realized that even if some already offer it, there are few offers in Haut-Béarn and that some are forced to rent in Pau. They will be 20-litre barrels of good, light Belgian beer, perfect for the summer”, smile the two zythophiles.

Promoting local beers

Always thinking of the summer season, a “local aperitif” package will be set up in the lodges, campsites and with hoteliers thanks to beers from the Aussau brewery. What could be better after returning from a hike than discovering a good Béarnaise mousse without having to leave your vacation spot? And you don’t have to be a tourist to taste it, phew!

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