Our ideas for a gourmet and convivial Easter aperitif

For a moment of gourmet sharing, the dinner aperitif is always welcome. Even more on the occasion of the Easter festivities which are fast approaching! We give you our recipe ideas to delight your loved ones.

Easter is above all a friendly party, and what better way to enjoy each other than a good aperitif dinner. Easy to prepare in advance, you won’t need to go back and forth between the living room and your kitchen. This option also makes it possible to satisfy everyone around the table. We offer you some ideas that are as original as they are colorful, to change from the traditional Easter meal which can sometimes be a bit long and tedious to prepare. Discover our recipes.

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To play with shapes and colors!

Savory mikados breadsticks for the aperitif

crazy crackers

Guacamole with peas

This is enough to attract the Easter bunny!

carrot chips

carrot goat mystery

Carrot flans with cumin and goat cheese

Some egg recipes

Ballotins of smoked salmon with poached egg

Breaded quail egg with pine nuts

Our spring recipes

Boursin cucumber canapes

Asparagus tartlets

15 minutes

12 tartlets

Asparagus cream in verrines

Our verrines for a gourmet Easter aperitif

Avocado-smoked trout verrine

Verrine ham mousse and candied tomatoes

Goat cheese and apple puff pastry

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