do not consume sugar from this brand!

Boxes of white sugar sold by the Intermarché group are recalled because they may contain pieces of glass. At the same time, the recall of Kinder chocolates by Ferrero is announced. A week later, it turns out that the entry-level sugar sold by Top Budget (Intermarché group) must be recalled because it could contain pieces … Read more

Eric Zemmour’s new team in Lyon

New faces, well-known figures from the political milieu of Lyon, members of civil society: here are those who make up the new Lyon branch of the party of Eric Zemmour, candidate for the 2022 presidential election. It is Gérard Dezempte who takes the lead of this Rhône-Alpes squad. A traditional Gaullist and former member of … Read more

In video, Elon Musk participates in a SpaceX meeting with his 1 and a half year old son on his lap

By The Editorial Board Published on 22/11/2021 at 11:15, Update on 11/22/2021 at 12:26 The billionaire, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, assured the start of a videoconference presentation with his son, aged 1 and a half. Would the third richest person in the world also suffer the vagaries of teleworking? This is in any case … Read more

In Carcassonne, chef Franck Putelat celebrates the tenth anniversary of his two stars, “the work of a lifetime”

On Tuesday April 12, Franck Putelat marked the history of French gastronomy by joining the club of chefs who have kept their Michelin stars for an entire decade. A feat he celebrated in the restaurant Le Parc, during an intimate and high-flying dinner. Three big names in French cuisine were there. In the kitchens of … Read more

the court of cassation confirms the ban on religious symbols for lawyers

The Court of Cassation rejected, on Wednesday, the appeal of a Lille lawyer and a student lawyer. Both disputed modification of the rules of procedure of the Lille Bar Association, prohibiting any wearing of signs “ostensibly manifesting a religious, philosophical, community or political affiliation or opinion“, with the lawyer’s robe. A provision that the lawyer … Read more

United States. 1932, a New Deal begins

Rarely do we look to the United States for examples of socially-oriented economic interventionism. And yet, this is indeed what Roosevelt’s New Deal was, with its limits, temporary, but also intrinsic. Julia Bracher’s archival documentary attempts to take stock of this parenthesis in American history. The chronology of events is taken from the stock market … Read more