Poggi Cup: the amazing new street food address in the 13th arrondissement

In the middle of the urban jungle of the Tolbiac district, a colorful spot stands out against the surrounding landscape. Poggi Cup, a new haunt for street food enthusiasts, is a real UFO both for its flamboyant Memphis-style decor and for its original concept. The idea? A new formula of street food to take away, innovative and gourmet. From there was born the Poggi Cup, a dish destructured and reversed in its composition, then served in a cup. We tell you all about our visit to this new unusual address!

Poggi Cup or fast good in the heart of the 13th

In the bustling student district of Tolbiac, a surprising little shop nestles on the side of rue Charles Moureu. Gray tiles on the wall and red neon lights, the front of Poggi Cup is amazing, but in no way comparable to what awaits us inside. Because yes, in this small pocket restaurant, the walls and furniture all follow the iconic Memphis style, for an ultra-design retro and pop ensemble. Totem tables, leopard wallpaper or even Bold chairs produced by Mustache: everything is there to transport us to an 80s film!

poggi cup

The stage is set, let’s get to the heart of the matter, the Poggi Cups! The concept of these revolutionary street-food recipes? A comforting and tasty dish, unstructured and served in a cup version, for all the indulgence and taste of a take-out restaurant plate. Available in several savory and sweet versions, the Poggi Cup has as a common ingredient delicious mousses or espumas mounted in a siphon, used to bind all the ingredients together. Thus, for each of the recipes, it is a festival of textures and tastes that is offered with each spoonful. We taste and come back to it until we scrape the bottom without ever having the impression of having taken the same bite twice.

poggi cup

In need of comfort? Opt for the classic Poggi, with bacon, parmesan, onions and potatoes. If not, fall for the Winter Poggi, made with bresaola, reblochon, onions and arugula pesto. You can even try the surprising Black Poggi, with mushrooms, chicken, Saint-Félicien and vegetable charcoal. And to finish on a sweet note, go for the airy and creamy recipes with tiramisu or lemon.

poggi cup

Here are all the ingredients for an unusual and innovative restaurant idea! All you have to do is make an appointment with Poggi Cup!

Poggi Cup – 4, rue Charles Moureu, 75013

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