Presidential: in the United States, the French electoral campaign overshadowed by the war in Ukraine

The French presidential election does not excite Americans. The news channels have largely ignored it while the articles on the subject can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The war in Ukraine has a lot to do with it. And it shows in conversations, even with the most informed citizens. Neighbors working in politics in Washington recently asked us who Marine Le Pen was…

The candidate of the National Rally, however, focuses the attention of the few papers written on the race for the Élysée. Like the Politico site which tries to explain to its readers “how Marine Le Pen has reduced the gap with Emmanuel Macron”. First, the candidate led “a fierce campaign on the ground”, while the French president was managing the Ukrainian crisis. And his political message focused more on increasing purchasing power than immigration. Result: a softened image, especially in comparison with Éric Zemmour.

“The right is a big winner” for the New York Times

A column published on the CNN site notes, however, that “the Nazi Occupation in France is still part of the nation’s DNA”, so that “the French, despite their constant flirtation with the extremes, invariably penalize politicians who stray too far from the mainstream.

For its part, the New York Times takes a little height and concludes that “even before the French vote, the right is a big winner”, after “years of culture wars successfully waged by conservatives on television, on social networks and in think tanks”.

The daily does not fail to point out that this cultural battle was “largely inspired by the American right”.

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