“Restaurants must offer Bayonne in their Ham Fair menu”

When an elder speaks, especially here in the Basque Country, we listen to him. Respect. The president of the Confrérie du Jamon de Bayonne has said aloud what many people think to themselves. “It’s stronger than me, he confides to “Sud Ouest”, when I read menus with another ham than Bayonne, I find it abnormal, especially during the Fair. »

Laurent Pagadoy talks about deception on the merchandise: “Do we sell Basque beer at the Munich Oktoberfest? No. Aware also that there is an economic dimension to this choice. “There are still some who offer a first-price Spanish ham to make more margin, but that’s not how it works! I was a restaurant owner in Paris for 38 years, I know what I’m talking about. I have always respected the appellations, served Bayonne, and not misleading the customer, that’s the least I can do…”

André Hargous, the treasurer of the Confrérie, confirms: “We will never enthrone a restaurateur who does not serve Bayonne. This weekend, the boss of Chez Gilles will be inducted. A lot of them now offer Bayonne on their menu, as a starter or as a hot dish, unlike the Spanish which does not go into the pan. »

Served in an omelette

There are also those who, like at the Market Bar, offer both: serrano, as a starter, to share and Bayonne, especially in the famous omelette: “Tchic, tchac, just seared, it’s delicious and it’s is the basis in the specifications, smiles Christian, the boss of the BDM. I take it from my butcher, it’s important to choose a quality Bayonne and to highlight it in our restaurants. »

“The debate is as old as the fair, judge the artisan butcher Christian Montauzer, but today, there is better! The vast majority of restaurants offer Bayonne, I have a lot of customers, who take all the ranges, from first price to Ibaïama. There are about 20% who do not play the game.

Too salty, too thick, not tasty enough…: the reviews of Bayonne are always the same. “The mid-range of Bayonne has clearly progressed and is very qualitative, estimates the Landais Pierre Harambat, president of the Consortium of Bayonne ham. It is an accessible product with an honorable level of quality and it is also true that the craftsmen in the sector take the product to the top. »

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