Soaring food prices: two queens of good deals give us their tips

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Both administrators of Facebook groups with hundreds, even thousands of members, Amandine and Claire explain to La Dépêche du Midi how they manage to reduce their bill by almost 50% when they go shopping.

The first counts nearly 900 members on its Facebook group “My enchanted purchases”, the other 122,000 on “Good plans, reduction coupons and opti shopping, earn money”. Claire and Amandine are what can be described as “Queens of the promo”. For three years now, they have been tracking on the promotional catalogs of supermarkets, applications and sites specializing in “discount coupons” such as “My life in color” or “Envie de plus”, and thanks to the alerts of their members, good deals to save money.

A 36-year-old stay-at-home mom, Amandine, started on her maternity leave: “With my growing family, I was looking for solutions to reduce my shopping load.” Not easy at first to navigate the jungle of sites and applications, as well as between all the giants of the food industry. “The first few months, I wasted a lot of time comparing everything, calculating to establish the most interesting offer.” His technique: try to combine in-store offers with discount coupons available on different sites and refund offers offered by certain brands or applications. The young woman recognizes this: “The main thing is to be flexible. We don’t often get the super reduction on our favorite item. You have to agree to change your habits.”

Technique that allows him to have certain free items. Claire, who applies the same method, says: “Thanks to her, I haven’t spent a penny on my laundry for three years. It works very well for everything hygiene or maintenance. Unfortunately, since the EGA law which prohibits discounts greater than 34% on food products. We can still succeed, if we do it well, to have great reductions on processed food products”, informs the young engineer.

Hypermarkets more profitable than discounters

It must be said that at 25, Claire manages to save almost €150 per month: “I calculated and, over one year, I reduced my shopping budget by almost 42%.” His advice: “Always be on the lookout. It’s often the same brands that offer vouchers on specialized sites. So when you have your eye and see a good promotion in a store on the brands in question, there has a good chance of doing good business.” Second tip: shop in stores that allow you to combine vouchers and promotions. This is not always the case and, from one supermarket to another, the savings made can double.

Finally, and on this point, the two experts are unanimous: it is not more profitable to shop at “discounters”: “It is a false idea to think that because their products are cheaper, we will better profits. Between the promotions, vouchers and reimbursement techniques offered by the apps, refueling at a hypermarket is often much more profitable”, assures Amandine.

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