Abortion in the United States: 160 stars, including Ariana Grande, sign a full page in the New York Times

Abortion – “Our power to plan our own future and control our own body depends on our ability to access sexual and reproductive health care, including abortion”, is it written, in full page, in the edition of New York Times posted Friday, May 13. As the constitutional right to abortion is under threat in the … Read more

on the border between Illinois and Missouri, “pro-life” and “pro-choice” face each other

The Mississippi River cuts the agglomeration of Saint-Louis in two. To the west, on the Missouri side, is the city of Saint-Louis, capital of the blues, founded in 1764 by a French fur trader in memory of Louis IX, overlooked by a majestic arch which symbolizes the door to the west. American. On the other … Read more

In the United States, large companies dragged into the battle of abortion – Liberation

Culture War Article reserved for subscribers While the Supreme Court should repeal the right to abortion at the federal level in June, large companies, often present in both conservative and progressive states, fear that they will soon have to choose their side. When you weigh more than 250 billion dollars, when you have the nerve … Read more

“Women are going to die”, alarms The Lancet

“Women will die“if the Supreme Court of the United States puts an end to the right to abortion, alarmed the prestigious medical journal The Lancet Friday, May 13 in an editorial, estimating that the judges will then have “blood on the hands“. Read alsoUnited States: Can the Supreme Court suspend the right to abortion? SEE … Read more

If the United States repeals the stop on abortion, what consequences for the rest of the world?

AFP, published on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 10:26 am Result of a global mobilization of feminist movements in the 1960s, the Roe v. Wade forced American states to legalize abortion. Its possible repeal would be a “symbol” that “would strengthen the anti-abortion movements” in the world, the researchers note. On January 22, 1973, the … Read more

Republicans vs. ‘big business’ woke good conscience

ANALYSIS – The elected officials deplore the commitment of American companies in favor of the points of view of activists in their eyes too marked on the left. Big business can no longer systematically count on the support of the Republican Party. Especially if big business, anxious to be seen well in a largely pro-democratic … Read more

Abortion threatened in the United States reminds us that it is a fragile right, even in France

Abortion – The draft of a decision of the Supreme Court, which threatens the right to abortion in the United States, caused an earthquake. Its potential consequences for women’s rights are of concern around the world. This event reminds us that, even in France, fundamental rights won after hard struggle, such as the right to … Read more

In the United States, Amazon will help its employees who have to travel for an abortion – Liberation

While access to abortion seems more threatened than ever in the United States, the e-commerce giant will reimburse the travel expenses of employees who want to travel more than 160 km from their home to have an abortion. Let’s imagine the scene, in the very near future. An employee of the giant Amazon becomes pregnant … Read more

the Supreme Court would be ready to annul the right to abortion

Published on : 05/03/2022 – 04:46 The American media Politico has obtained the preliminary draft of a majority decision written by a Supreme Court judge which states that Roe v. Wade, recognizing women’s right to abortion at the federal level, “must be reversed.” The text still needs to be negotiated. The right to abortion is … Read more

Amazon will financially help its employees who would have to travel for an abortion

Since this fall, many American companies have expressed their support, internally or publicly, for the right of women to abort, at a time when this right is more threatened. Amazon will now reimburse the travel expenses of its American employees for certain non-critical medical procedures, including abortions, while several conservative states have passed laws restricting … Read more