Biden wants to suspend gas taxes to fight inflation

Published on : 06/23/2022 – 04:59 Inflation in the United States is now the major economic and political fact in the country, driven in particular by the price of gasoline. President Joe Biden is calling for a summer fuel tax break. With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin A measure supposed to last 90 days. … Read more

a recession is definitely a possibility, admits Fed boss

So far, Jerome Powell had always said loud and clear that he could achieve a soft landing for the economy. US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell admitted to Congress on Wednesday that a rapid rise in interest rates could cause a recession even if it is not the desired effect. “It’s definitely a possibilityMr. … Read more

the ceiling soon lowered from 38 to 29 euros?

It had been doubled in June 2020, from 19 to 38 euros, to support restaurateurs affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For the past two years, the spending limit for meal vouchers has been doubled, from 19 to 38 euros per day. A measure initially put in place to support restaurateurs in the face of Covid-19. … Read more

Why food trucks have never succeeded in conquering city centers

Appearing in the early 2010s in France, “mobile canteens” have had to face various economic and political obstacles which have limited their establishment in cities. Eating a foreign speciality, a hot dog or a poke bowl straight out of the kitchen of a truck is it finally possible in the city centers? At the heart … Read more

Lawsuit claims 258 billion USD from Elon Musk for his support of dogecoin

Complaints from investors who feel cheated by the promises of virtual currencies are currently increasing in the United States. An investor who lost money betting on dogecoin, a cryptocurrency originally parody inflated in particular by the interest of Elon Musk, filed a lawsuit on Thursday claiming $ 258 billion from the multi-billionaire and his companies … Read more

US cosmetics maker Revlon files for bankruptcy

The company is suffering from supply problems but also from the inflation that is rampant in the United States. US nail polish, lipstick and perfume maker Revlon filed for bankruptcy by filing Chapter 11 proceedings to reduce its debt. In a document filed late Wednesday in a New York court, the company said the total … Read more

Fed raises rates by three-quarters of a point, biggest hike since 1994

The US central bank now expects inflation to be 5.2% this year, down from 4.3% projected in March, and will therefore make further hikes at upcoming meetings in 2022. The central bank of the United States, surprised by the acceleration of inflation in May, at its highest for more than forty years, raised its key … Read more

Fed kicks off meeting, could make biggest rate hike since 1994

The monetary policy committee meeting, which began at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, is primarily aimed at finding solutions to runaway inflation in the United States. The monetary committee of the American central bank began its meeting on Tuesday, during which it could, to fight against galloping inflation, raise its key rates by three quarters of … Read more

For helium balloons, the party deflates in the United States

AFP, published on Wednesday, June 08, 2022 at 08:22 Birthdays, weddings, graduations, Valentine’s Day… Helium balloons are part of every celebration in the United States, but a global shortage of this gas is disrupting habits, penalizing consumers as much as merchants. “Due to the global helium shortage, we are only allowing orders for 20 balloons,” … Read more

discover the list of products whose composition has been modified

FOCUS- The DGCCRF has granted more than 2,900 exemptions allowing manufacturers to modify the composition of their product without modifying the packaging. Find all the products concerned. Your favorite cod brandade has tasted different for a few weeks and you were wondering if the recipe had changed? You have a fine palate, since it is … Read more